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Prosthetics In The Developing World

August 26, 2015
Meredith Wright

EastPoint strives to provide excellence in care at all of our locations here in the United States, but we also have a passion to serve those who likely have no hope for prosthetic care in the developing world. While our global reach continues to evolve, one location some of our clinicians regularly invest time in is the Peten region of Guatemala, San Benito.

We enjoy building relationships with so many wonderful patients in Guatemala. Here is a short video from the most recent clinic held in August of 2015.

Below: This particular patient was such an inspiration. She lost her husband and her leg when hit by a drunk driver. She and her 18 month old daughter have been living in the hospital because she was unable to care for her child without a prosthesis. Her cousin brought her to the clinic in San Benito, and she told him when she got her leg the first thing she wanted to do was dance with him.