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Helping you achieve
the life you want with prosthetic & orthotic devices


We help patients achieve the best fit for any new orthotic device to enable recovery or stability.

Personal Care

You’ll receive personalized care, tailored to your unique situation. Our experience, combined with the latest technology, allow us to give you a customized solution that you won’t find anywhere else.


We custom-fit prosthetic devices through state-of-the-art technology to maximize comfort and movement.

Patient Stories

Independence Starts at this Point

We Come to You!

Mobile Services

If being an amputee or having a child affected by disabilities makes an office visit a challenge for transportation, please give our office a call and find out if the mobile unit is right for you!

Our Work Around the World

Our vision is to create a new productive future for those with the motivation to overcome their disability. We honor every amputees’ simple dream of achieving growth on every level for themselves. To that end EP Legacy, Inc. and LifeNabled strives to build affordable high-quality orthotic and prosthetic devices. Our goal is to advance the vitality and successful rehabilitation of all those entrusted to our medical expertise.

Why Choose EastPoint?

We come to you! In addition to having offices in Raleigh and Kinston, we offer appointments on wheels. Our mobile units are outfitted with the latest technology, and our certified clinical staff can tackle most all adjustments and fitting issues on the go. Schedule an appointment with our mobile unit today!

We provide independence and confidence! With innovative artificial limbs and braces, we go well beyond custom orthotic and prosthetic devices to get you moving again. We offer a complete range of products to get patients back to achieve their independence.

We embrace technology! Our patient care facilities are staffed with certified clinicians experienced in the latest technology of both materials and design. Our clinicians can fit you with the most advanced prosthetic and orthotic technologies which include the i-Limb, C-Leg, Plie, Walk-Aid, Cascade DAFO, SureStep, and more.