Are you looking for a new kind of bracing treatment? Dynamic Triplanar Orthoses may be for you!

Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis

We are thrilled to announce that we now fit patients with Dynamic Triplanar Orthoses — a new bracing solution that focuses on your specific needs for a more successful rehabilitation and an improved quality of life.

In conjunction with this new service, we will also be working with DynamicBracingSolutions™, an innovative orthotic treatment developed by clinicians Marmaduke Loke and Jean-Paul Nielsen in California.

Our patients are already seeing a significant difference with the Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis.

“The brace has been great,” says EastPoint patient Steve Bjork. “My walking has been getting better, and the biggest change is that I feel secure when I stand or walk. Without the brace, I am very unstable. Thank you!”

Read below for more information on Dynamic Triplanar Orthoses and to see if you’re a potential candidate for these amazing braces!

What is a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?

A Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis is an orthosis that manages the side-to-side rotation of the tibia. When you manage the side-to-side motion of the tibia, the foot stays on the line of progression — preventing it from going pigeon-toed or duck-footed. This also gives the user the energy to help take the next step.

What makes a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis different from other bracing treatments?

Whereas most other orthoses address only swing phase, which occurs when you’re advancing your leg to the next step, a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis manages the swing phase as well as when weight is put on the foot. As a result, the user is given more stability and confidence when he or she walks.

What materials are used to make a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?

The Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis provided by EastPoint Prosthetics & Orthotics and made by SunStone Lab, in Wake Forest, N.C., consists of a reinforced laminated thermoplastic and a composite rod. As for the Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis sold by DynamicBracingSolutions™, it is made out of carbon fiber, which is also used for prosthetics and fighter jets.

Who is the best candidate for a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?

Patients who have neuromuscular disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and Post-Polio, are great candidates for the brace. If you have drop foot, you may also be a potential user of the brace.

What is the process of wearing a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?

Wearing a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis is an intensive process that requires patience and a dedicated team, which consists of you, your doctor, your orthotist and your physical therapist. However, we believe the results are worth the effort. Learning to walk with the orthosis takes practice and commitment, just as with any acquired skill, but we will be at your side every step of the way.

What is the cost of a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?

The cost of a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis varies. The brace provided by EastPoint Prosthetics & Orthotics costs between $3,000 and $4,000, and the orthosis created by DynamicBracingSolutions™ costs between $8,000 and $10,000. The latter brace is the best in the industry, and the price is well worth the results. The EastPoint orthotic uses many of the same principles, but it is not as springy and is not made out of carbon fiber. The DynamicBracingSolutions™ product can be covered with insurance. However, if your insurance covers it, it’s a lengthy process. The EastPoint brace is typically covered by insurance between 60 and 80 percent.

What results could I see with a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?

A Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis aims to create stability at the foot, ankle and knee. As a result, many users experience better balance, fewer falls and increased activity levels with the brace — enhancing quality of life. Walking upright, compared to sitting, is also beneficial to our organs and overall health.

To see the effects of a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis, check out the video below.

Triplaner AFO from William Wright on Vimeo.

Using a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis is a lengthy process that’s not always easy. However, with time, patience and practice, the results can be amazing and drastically improve your quality of life. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.