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Dynamic Triplanar Orthoses

Are you looking for a new kind of bracing treatment?

Dynamic Triplanar Orthoses may be for you!

We are thrilled to announce that we now fit patients with Dynamic Triplanar Orthoses — a new bracing solution that focuses on your specific needs for a more successful rehabilitation and an improved quality of life.

In conjunction with this new service, we will also be working with DynamicBracingSolutions™, an innovative orthotic treatment developed by clinicians Marmaduke Loke and Jean-Paul Nielsen in California.

Our patients are already seeing a significant difference with the Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis.

Read below for more information on Dynamic Triplanar Orthoses and to see if you’re a potential candidate for these amazing braces!

What is a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?
What makes a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis different from other bracing treatments?
What materials are used to make a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?
Who is the best candidate for a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?
What is the process of wearing a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?
What is the cost of a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?
What results could I see with a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis?

Using a Dynamic Triplanar Orthosis is a lengthy process that’s not always easy. However, with time, patience and practice, the results can be amazing and drastically improve your quality of life. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

“The brace has been great. My walking has been getting better, and the biggest change is that I feel secure when I stand or walk. Without the brace, I am very unstable. Thank you!”

– S. Bjork