These are just a few of the services we offer!
If you need a service that is not listed below please give us a call toll free: (855) 706-EAST (3278)


Lower Extremity
-Ankle supports
-Ankle-foot orthoses (AFO)
-Knee orthoses
-Fracture orthoses
-Knee-ankle foot orthoses (KAFO)
-Reciprocation gait orthoses (RGO)
-Hip abduction orthoses

Upper Extremity
-Wrist immobilizers
-Fracture orthoses
-Elbow orthoses
-Shoulder abduction orthoses

-Soft and rigid cervical collars
-Four-posted and S.O.M. I-style cervical-thoracic orthoses
-MRI compatible halo systems
-Hyperextension orthoses
-Post-surgical TLSO-prefabricated and custom styles
-Scoliosis systems

-Custom-molded shoes
-Depth inlay shoes
-Running and walking shoes
-Orthopedic shoes – adult and children
-Custom-molded foot inlays and supports
-Diabetic and arthritic supports
-Orthotic supports for running and walking
-Shoe modifications and repairs


Lower Extremity
-Trinity Symphony Transfemoral Socket Design
-MAS socket design
-Immediate post-operative fittings
-Prepatory prostheses
-C-Leg Microprocessor Knee
-Suction suspension system
-Silicone and urethane liners
-Flexible socket systems
-CAD-CAM sockets
-Sports designed prostheses
-Hydraulic knee components
-Multiaxial ankle components
-RCR socket design

Upper Extremity
-i-limb hand