Welcome to all of our new patients — “Your independence starts at this point.”


Below is a brief overview for new patients. We strive to make your appointments as comfortable and straight forward as possible.

When you call to schedule an appointment:

When you call, our director of first impressions will inquire as to your specific orthotic or prosthetic needs. You may be asked if you have a prescription and we will also ask you to provide your insurance information. We will schedule an appointment for your free evaluation. Please bring or wear loose fitting clothes to the appointment in case you need to roll up your pants or sleeves for the evaluation.

When you arrive:

At this time, you will be asked to fill out some necessary forms while we make a copy of your insurance or Medicaid/Medicare information. Please make sure to have your insurance information with you. Arriving a few minutes early is recommended to allow time to fill out any required paperwork.

After a short wait:

You will be shown to a private patient room and one of our practitioners will begin his or her evaluation. We understand that every person is unique and we will take as long as necessary to make sure we understand your specific needs.

Your initial evaluation:

During your initial evaluation, a practitioner will conduct a detailed assessment.  Please be as factual and thorough as possible with your answers. The more information we have, the more effective we will be in determining the best course of action. After the evaluation, the practitioner will discuss with you appropriate orthotic or prosthetic device options. 

Casting and scanning:

After the practitioner has completed the initial evaluation, he or she may cast or scan you for the device that you need. At the end of your appointment, we will schedule your return visit to recheck the fit of your orthotic or prosthetic device.

Initial and final fitting:

 At this time, the practitioner will determine if your device fits and functions properly. Some adjustments may be made at this time. Depending on the nature of your orthotic or prosthetic device, follow-up visits may be necessary to ensure continued proper fit and function of your device.