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Video of the week: Boston amputee takes first steps with prostheses

June 23, 2013
Rachel Bennett

Every Monday, we’ll choose a video that we feel best exemplifies what the orthotics and prosthetics community has to offer. Whether the video features one of our patients or is a global news item, we hope it will inspire, educate and/or brighten your day.

More than two months after the Boston Marathon bombings, the city and its residents are slowly readjusting to how life was before the tragedy.

However, for those hurt in the attack, the road is already proving to be longer and more strenuous.

Celeste Corcoran is one of those survivors, but with each day, she’s one step closer to reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.

Corcoran lost her legs in the bombings and received new prostheses June 17. On June 19, she took her first steps, and two days later, she was able to walk short distances without a walker.

“It takes a lot of concentration,” Corcoran tells NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams of using her new legs. “I’m still at the stage where sometimes, you know, white-knuckling the walker. I’m trying to get better with that, but the bottom of my legs, both of my legs, just get very sore, and they just hurt when I’ve done it for a while.”

Corcoran says she hopes to return to her job as a hairdresser as well as relearn to drive.

“The progress, it’s just amazing, and every day, we do take a step forward,” says Carmen Acabbo, Corcoran’s sister. “Some days, we take some steps back, but we always end up forward.”

Learn more about Corcoran’s incredible journey and watch her walk with her prostheses in the video below:

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