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Video of the week: 2-year-old Ireland Nugent receives leg prostheses

July 1, 2013
Rachel Bennett

A child’s first steps is a monumental event. At 2 years old, Ireland Nugent has taken her first steps twice — and the second time was perhaps even more exciting than the first.

After an April 11 lawn mower accident left her without lower legs and feet, Ireland underwent seven surgeries and received prostheses on June 17.

With one prosthetic featuring Minnie Mouse and the other Dora the Explorer, Ireland quickly took off on her new legs — despite warnings from prosthetists that younger patients can be hesitant to use prostheses.

“I’m just speechless and so proud,” says Jerry Nugent, Ireland’s father. “She took it over the top … She’s not ever going to hold back. That’s my superhero. That’s my angel.”

Watch the video below to see prosthetists work with Ireland as she takes her first steps:

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