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Inspirational quotes: Oct. 7 – Oct. 11, 2013

October 16, 2013
Rachel Bennett

Did you miss any of our recent inspirational quotes? Whether you did or are just looking for an extra dose of motivation, check out the five quotes we loved the week of Oct. 7!

Monday, Oct. 7, 2013

“Every day is an opportunity to change things for the better.” – Michael Pivec

Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2013

“Remove failure as an option and your chances for success become infinitely better.” – Joan Lunden

Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2013

“If you have a great ambition, take as big a step as possible in the direction of fulfilling it…” – Mildred McAfee

Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it.” – Jonathan Winters

Friday, Oct. 11, 2013

“When you think at that moment that it is possible — then the magic starts.” – Unknown

What’s your favorite quote from last week? Let us know in the comments below!