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EastPoint Endorsement: Health Park Pharmacy

August 14, 2013
Rachel Bennett

Every month, we’ll suggest a product or place that we feel could make your EastPoint experience even better. Excellent health is a team effort, and the more well-rounded your healthcare is, the happier you’ll be — we’re just here to point you in the right direction.

With the boom of such national companies as Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid, local, independently owned pharmacies are harder to come by.

Health Park Pharmacy
This is the entrance to Health Park Pharmacy. The company opened in 2006 and is a part of the American Institute of Healthcare & Fitness.

As nice as large chains can be, they can lack the care, attention and personalities of smaller institutions.

Luckily, for residents of the Triangle, Health Park Pharmacy is here to meet healthcare needs in a prompt and friendly manner.

“Our goal has been to foster a strong relationship with our patients and providers to reach a common goal of improving our patients’ health,” says Steve Adkins, the owner and manager of Health Park Pharmacy. “We are a small staff, but each one is there to serve our customers.”

Here are five reasons why we endorse Health Park Pharmacy:

5. Informative

The pharmacists stay up to date on healthcare trends and news, making them more knowledgable and helpful. Adkins, in particular, has an extensive background in diabetes care, pain management and cardiac disease. Plus, the pharmacy’s Twitter and Facebook feeds are active and address such important concerns as “What is a true medical emergency?” and “What do you need to know about colon health?”

4. Well-stocked

Health Park Pharmacy may not be as large as chain pharmacies, but that’s to its customers’ benefit. The store carries only essential medical supplies, so patients don’t have to wander through aisles of candy, knick-knacks and other items to find what they need. But don’t be fooled — Health Park Pharmacy does offer medical supplies that aren’t in other stores. “We have tried to fill every square foot with healthcare items, so that it is convenient when a provider prescribes or recommends an item for their patients,” Adkins says.

3. Familiar

Because Health Park Pharmacy has a small staff of helpful employees, patients recognize the same faces every time they visit. Better yet, the staff recognizes them, too, and customers won’t have to explain their medical conditions or needs repeatedly to different people. Once will be enough, and the next time a patient comes in, his or her concerns will be the pharmacists’ concerns.

2. Convenient

To make its customers’ lives simpler, Health Park Pharmacy offers free delivery to patients who live within a 5-mile radius of its North Raleigh location. The pharmacy also uses a medication sync program, which monitors a patient’s medications and automatically refills them every 30 days. Aside from this, the store is located in the American Institute of Healthcare & Fitness, which houses several other practitioners — meaning patients can stop by the pharmacy after seeing their doctors.

1. Care

Being prescribed a new medicine can be daunting, but the pharmacists at Health Park Pharmacy make sure patients are informed before they walk out the door. “Counseling is a must because we feel strongly that patients understand new medications and have the opportunity to ask questions before leaving our store,” Adkins says. For instance, if patients are diagnosed with diabetes, Adkins will show them how to use insulin and check blood levels. “While it only takes a few minutes to provide this service, you are ensuring that a patient understands how to effectively monitor a serious condition,” Adkins adds.

If you would like to contact Health Park Pharmacy, please call (919) 847-7645.