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‘Angel girl’ types with one finger, writes six novels

March 22, 2013
Rachel Bennett

Writing a novel is difficult enough, let alone when you can type with only one finger.

But that’s what Liu Xiaolin, a 25-year-old woman with cerebral palsy, did — six times over.

According to People’s Daily Online, Xiaolin begins writing, using just her right thumb, every day on her computer following breakfast. Over four years, she’s written six novels, a total of 2 million words.

Xiaolin started writing after a lack of money and poor health caused her to leave school. She turned to her laptop, which was a gift from her father, to write love stories that reflected her world and dreams, and they quickly drew the attention of several people who read them online.

Her fans, who admire her optimism and kindness, refer to her as the “angel girl.”

“I am so happy; my novel has been recognized by readers,” Xiaolin says.

Xiaolin adds that she hopes to have her stories published and eventually turned into a TV series.

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