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See what are patients are saying:


“Jackie came to me in my time of need. I had lost my left leg, below the knee, five-years after I lost my right leg. In the months that followed, she kept me pumped up with her personality, so much it made me work harder to learn to walk again, so I would not let her down. She never let me get discouraged. She became part of our family. When I needed her, all I had to do was call my leg lady, and Jackie was there in person or on the phone. Jackie encouraged me every small or big step of my journey, and believe me, I had a long journey. I tried to skip a step or two, but Jackie wouldn’t hear of it. I learned to walk on Jackie’s and my own two feet, in Jackie’s time not mine; but Jackie’s time was the right time. I miss my Jackie so much. I cried for days when she told me she was leaving, but I was so happy she was getting to move back near her family. My hats (legs) off to this wonderful person.”    ~Terry White~